I attended a really neat party with friends

My friends and I went to San Francisco for gay pride week. We met some guys at a parade and they invited us to a party. My friends and I weren’t going to go to the party, but it sounded like a lot of fun. I was a little nervous about not knowing the host of the party. My friend said we would only stay for a little while if the place seemed like it was a bad idea. After we agreed to leave if things got out of control, we got dressed in our best clothes and headed to the address of the party. There were lights on outside of the building and there were people hanging out all over the parking lot and the front of the building. It definitely looked like a huge party. We walked into the front door. I guess I expected there to be a bouncer or someone checking the guest list. There was no one at all. I started walking through the house to see if I could find the host. I wanted to thank the guy for inviting us to the awesome San Francisco party. When I made my way into the dining room, I saw a table with large jars of marijuana. There must have been five or six pounds of marijuana on the table. People were helping themselves to the marijuana flower. I looked around to see if someone was monitoring. There was no one watching the marijuana. Nobody was even looking at the table. I walked over to the jar and I took a huge handful of buds and stuffed them in the pocket of my jacket.

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The parking lot backs up to a pizza shop

I work at a loan and finance company in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I’m just outside of downtown San Francisco, so the traffic isn’t too terrible. I work everyday from 9 a.m. until 5 PM. I get a lunch break around noon. I usually take my lunch break outside where I can smoke a marijuana joint. Since marijuana is legal in San Francisco, California, the boss doesn’t really have a problem if we get high on our lunch break. As long as the customers can’t see us smoking marijuana, then the boss doesn’t seem to care. I was sitting outside in the parking lot and all I could smell was the delicious scent of pizza. The finance company has a parking lot that backs up to a pizza shop. The smell of tomatoes and mozzarella are always in the air. I think about getting pizza every single day. I was standing outside smoking a marijuana joint at lunch a couple of days ago, when one of the delivery drivers came back to the store. The guy saw me smoking and asked if he could have a hit. I had an extra marijuana joint in my car. I offered to trade the marijuana joint for a free pizza. The guy told me that he just wanted a hit and he could not get a free pizza. The San francisco-based company is one of the best places in the city to get pizza. I wasn’t surprised that the guy said no, but I really didn’t think it could hurt to make the request.

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Stopping at a dispensary in Tarzana while touring the San Fernando Valley

It’s nice to finally have the currency to afford traveling around the country.

When I was young, our parents didn’t have the means to take our siblings and I away on extended trips. If the two of us were lucky the two of us would get a weekend camping with tents in the lakeside campgrounds. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun swimming in the lake during the summers off from school. The large black flies and mosquitoes weren’t enough to keep me indoors, especially since the two of us constantly bathed ourselves in Off Deep Woods insect repellent. I don’t recognize love I missed out on traveling as a child because now I have the time and currency to do it with our remote work position. As long as I’m turning in our work in the typical file location in a shared cloud storage system, our supplier doesn’t mind where I’m located. They just want me to stay within range of a cell tower if I’m not directly connected to a wireless router in a restaurant, pop shop, or hotel. When I traveled out to California to meet friends in San Diego, I decided to spend a few afternoons exploring the San Fernando Valley while camping in the gorgeous Santa Monica Mountains. I ended up spending most of our time in Tarzana because of an amazing cannabis dispensary that I found while strolling around on Vanalden Asite. Tarzana has a number of quality cannabis dispensaries if you have a few seconds to drive around and oversee the surrounding area. But since recreational weed has been legal in California since 2016, there is no shortage of cannabis anywhere in the San Fernando Valley.


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Seattle Is known for numerous weird things

I’m sure he could smell the smoke from the marijuana vape pen

Seattle is known for numerous weird things! It is definitely 1 of the largest cities on Puget Sound. It is surrounded by mountains, forest, plus water, then seattle is lake house to some of the largest software plus tech companies. It is also lake house to the Seattle Space Needle; The Seattle Space Needle was created more than 60 years ago. It has a height of more than 600 feet in the air. It is 1 of the places on the top 10 things I like to do in the neighborhood of Seattle. The view from the top of the Space Needle is hour to none. I love going to see the Space Needle. It’s 1 of my favorite places in the city. I decided to take some friends there when they came to visit last week. They were a little scared about going into the observatory, although I assured them that everything would be fine, but we were halfway up when the car stopped. They told us there were technical difficulties. I told my friends this sort of thing had never happened before. There was no bartender close to us, so my buddy got out her marijuana vape pen plus took a giant hit. She tried to blow the vape back into her jacket, but some of the vape came out from the bottom. The bartender immediately came over to the table. I’m sure he could smell the smoke from the marijuana vape pen. The guy did not say much to us, he asked if all of us wanted more drinks plus then he disappeared around the corner, but as soon as he was gone from her site, my buddy took another giant hit from the marijuana vape pen. She told myself and others there was no way that she was going to stay calm if she wasn’t high.
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That was a fantastic solution

I adore living in Highland which is a suburb of Evansville, Indiana, the town is fantastic because it’s just outside the city… Evansville is so rich with culture, the two of us adore activitys, plus the two of us have fantastic food… It’s very a fantastic town to live in! And the best area of living in the Highland area, is that I get to send my youngsters to fantastic schools, and while living here is amazing, there are certain challenges as well, however for instance, a couple weeks ago, I sent my youngsters to Summer camp plus while I was in the afternoon, they got to play basketball and other games. The camp was indoors, which was the main reason why I selected it. The outside temperatures were hovering in the mid 90’s plus I thought it would be safer for them to play inside! Prior to booking, I confirmed that the camp facilities had air conditioner. Those gymnasiums can get pretty warm with all those youngsters running around in it, so I just wanted to make sure that there was no risk with my youngsters. Apparently, on the first afternoon of camp, the of the gymnasium went down, plus it took 3 mornings before it was fixed. They brought in fans for the youngsters, however it wasn’t enough to keep them cool, however so, when I found out that the gym had no , I immediately pulled my youngsters out of the program. I wasn’t taking any options with that. I method on signing them up for the next session because the air conditioner is back up plus running.

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