I pulled my kids out of Summer camp because there was no A/C

I love living in Highland which is a suburb of Evansville, Indiana.

The town is great because it’s just outside the city.

Evansville is so rich with culture, we love sports, and we have great food. It’s really a great city to live in. And the best part of living in the Highland area, is that I get to send my kids to fantastic schools. While living here is amazing, there are certain challenges as well. For instance, a couple weeks ago, I sent my kids to Summer camp and during the day, they got to play basketball as well as other games. The camp was indoors, which was the main reason why I selected it. The outside temperatures were hovering in the mid 90’s and I thought it would be safer for them to play inside. Prior to booking, I confirmed that the camp facilities had air conditioning. Those gymnasiums can get pretty hot with all those kids running around in it, so I just wanted to make sure that there was no risk with my kids. Apparently, on the first day of camp, the A/C of the gymnasium went down, and it took 3 days before it was fixed. They brought in fans for the kids, but it wasn’t enough to keep them cool. So, when I found out that the gym had no A/C, I immediately pulled my kids out of the program. I wasn’t taking any chances with that. I plan on signing them up for the next session because the air conditioning is back up and running.



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Adding a humidifier

Glenview, Illinois, is a really beautiful place to live.

We’re about fifteen miles from Chicago and known for the Glenview Naval Air Base.

We get to enjoy a rural environment while having access to all the amenities of the big city. I take my family to Flick Park and to explore the Techny Basin Conservation Area at different times of year. We are fortunate to enjoy all four unique seasons. We look forward to the spring flowers, hot summers and the changing leaves in the fall. Winter is a great opportunity to snowmobile, ski and snowboard. Temperatures in the teens or even the negative digits can create some challenges. The air becomes especially dry. With the furnace blasting non stop, the lack of humidity creates some concerns. Overly dry air feels colder than properly moisturized air, encouraging higher thermostat settings. The furnace is required to work harder and run longer. It experiences greater wear and tear and is more likely to malfunction. The heating system also uses more energy and results in higher utility bills. Insufficient humidity can be blamed for frizzy hair, chapped lips and bloody noses. The air sucks moisture out of everything it touches, aggravating symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. It dries out nasal passages, increasing the risk of respiratory infection and lengthening recovery from colds and flu. It can also cause wood floors, furnishings, doors and moldings to dry out and crack. Living in Glenview, a whole-home humidifier is a necessity. I chose a steam-style humidifier that is installed into the furnace and introduces moisture as the air passes through.


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Does Denver have dispensaries all over?

Before heading to Denver, CO, I looked in to the laws plus regulations of marijuana use in that village plus in the surrounding area; I wanted to make sure I knew the laws plus regulations when I used my medical marijuana. I had to laugh when I read how exact 1 part of the Denver, CO rules read, with where the use of marijuana is prohibited. I will quote what it has to say. “It is illegal to consume or possess marijuana at any park (including Red Rocks) or other recreational facility, on any city-owned property (including streets plus sidewalks) within 1000 feet of a school, plus on the 16the Street Mall (including any village street or sidewalk 1 block in either marijuana on it property.” I wasn’t sure what that last emphasized phrase means, however I’m assuming it wasn’t a unbelievable locale to use marijuana, unless you were in 1 of the designated areas. I wondered if any Denver, CO residents ever read these rules. I guess the budtender in our state guess the laws plus regulation plus could recite them to you, but they need to guess the laws if they want to toil in a marijuana dispensary. I would adore to ‌tear apart the entire regulation that I estimated plus try to make some sense. The Denver, CO solicitors who wrote the verbiage for the law need to be less vague… Considering they outlined the parks, city-owned properties, 16th Street Mall, plus schools, I’m wondering if their eyes didn’t just get exhausted, plus they missed some typos? My brother-in-law got worried with my critique plus told me he was the person who penned those regulations.

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Portland, Oregon, is a good place to hike

If you and your family enjoy the outdoors and you like to go hiking, then I would suggest that you visit Portland, Oregon.

Hiking is only one of many of the great family activities that you can do in Portland OR.

We have been living here for the past five years, and we all really love it in this area. There are so many different things to do outdoors as a family, and we never get bored. We go hiking just about every weekend with our kids. In Portland, there are lots of different places to take your kids hiking, biking, or even kayaking. Our younger kids always bring a lot of energy for a hike. We have been hiking with our children ever since they were babies. We have recently started teaching our older ones how to kayak, and Portland is the perfect place to do that. Whenever the weather permits, we try to go hiking, but in Portland it rains lots of the time. We will hike if it’s lightly raining, but if it’s a heavy rain we usually give up. There are lots of trails for hiking around the Portland area and a lot of them are loop trails, which are good for kids. At least with loop trails, you end up where you started so you don’t have to walk back to your car after your hike! You can even hike through the city to explore it, or take the kids back home and then head out to try one of the cannabis dispensaries. That’s what my wife and I do whenever we have some time off from the kids.


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I counted six road signs for marijuana dispensaries within two blocks of our hotel.

After landing in Las Vegas, NV, the only thing my husband and I wanted to do was get our rental car and had to the hotel.

  • We had to hop on a bus the airport offered to transport people to the car rental area before even getting out of the airport.

Once we picked up our rental car, we headed directly to the hotel. My husband and I were both exhausted from being on the airplane for seven hours, and running through the airports trying to catch our flight on time. I was so tired that all I could do was stare out the window as we drove those two long miles. The only thing I saw while driving were all the signs they had for marijuana dispensaries. Even before you got completely out of the airport facility, there was a large road sign advertising a marijuana dispensary. Along the next four blocks, we saw six more road signs for marijuana dispensaries. Every other road sign was a billboard advertising another marijuana dispensary. I felt like we had not just walked into the home of famous performers and showgirls, but the home of marijuana users. When I laughed, my husband thought it was just because I was so tired. Before long, I started counting out loud. When I hit 12, my husband asked what I was doing. I told him I was counting the number of road signs for marijuana dispensaries between the airport and the 2 miles to our hotel. He just shook his head and told me I may not count that high.

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