All I had to do was take the kids to the museum, and they had the time of their lives

While other children enjoy parks and play areas, my kids love the museum.

They enjoy learning about all these different things plus checking out the prehistoric animals.

My son is especially a huge fan of dinosaurs. Everything in his bedroom screams how much he appreciates these majestic creatures. Last spring, I had to fly into Libertyville to see my mom. She had not been feeling well, so I decided to bring the kids to cheer her up. When we got there, the air was still a bit cold. Lucky for us, mom’s house had an excellent heating system. The kids instantly changed her mood and appearance. Mom loved them very much and always longed to see them more. We settled into the house and started making plans on what to do during our week-long stay in Libertyville. Mom wanted the kids to pick what to do. It’s no surprise they chose to go to a museum. Mom told me they’d love the Bess Bower Dunn Museum in the town. Early the following morning, we had breakfast then got into her car to go to the museum. The first thing I noticed about it when we walked in was a small gift shop and an adjacent cafe. That was a good idea since I knew the kids would get hungry after some time. We went further in and got to learn about the history of Lake County. Every detail was in chronological order, and we got to know about the first people to settle in the area. All this information was music to my kids’ ears. You could tell they were paying attention because they kept disrupting the tour guide to ask questions.


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