I love hot weather

My partner was telling me that all of us would be moving when he got his new promotion.

I was excited to be moving, but I wanted to guess where all of us were moving to? He told me all of us would be moving to Cocoa, Florida.

I thought he meant Cocoa Beach, in addition to I got excited. He said it wasn’t Cocoa Beach, however just Cocoa. I wasn’t so sure I wanted to transport to some drinkwater town. He told me that Cocoa Beach was a small city that sat in Brevard County. It was 83 feet above sea level in addition to the highest point in the county. I began to study about Cocoa, FL in addition to I found out it had a rich history. I loved history in addition to I wanted to visit every spot that made it such an exciting place to visit. Cruise ships that came into Port Canaveral would let off their passengers so they could take excursions in addition to day trips into Cocoa, Florida. I asked him if it was going to be hot there. I had heard that cities that are along the ocean, never had cold weather. I was hoping to ditch all my Winter clothing, when I ditched the gas furnace. I was excited to be moving anywhere that had heat all year round. I didn’t appreciate the cold. I then asked him if they were going to deliver us with a apartment that had fantastic air conditioner. My partner laughed in addition to said that everything was air conditioned in Florida. The two of us had a temporary new home until all of us could find our own apartment in Cocoa, Florida. I told him I didn’t care where it was, as long as all of us had air conditioner in addition to a beach.

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