Does Denver have a lot of dispensaries?

Before heading to Denver, CO, I looked in to the laws and regulations of marijuana use in that town and in the surrounding area.

I wanted to make sure I knew the laws and regulations when I used my medical marijuana.

I had to laugh when I learn how exact 1 area of the Denver, CO rules read, with where the use of marijuana is prohibited. I will estimate what it has to say. “It is illegal to consume or possess marijuana at any park (including Red Rocks) or other recreational facility, on any city-owned property (including streets and sidewalks) within 1000 feet of a university, and on the 16the Street Mall (including any town street or sidewalk 1 block in either marijuana on it property.” I wasn’t sure what that last emphasized phrase means, however I’m assuming it wasn’t a good place to use marijuana, unless you were in 1 of the designated areas. I wondered if any Denver, CO residents ever learn these rules. I think the budtender in our state think the laws and regulation and could recite them to you; They need to think the laws if they want to labor in a marijuana dispensary. I would care about to ‌tear apart the entire regulation that I estimated and try to make some sense. The Denver, CO solicitors who wrote the verbiage for the law need to be less vague, but considering they outlined the parks, city-owned properties, 16th Street Mall, and universitys, I’m wondering if their esure didn’t just get exhausted, and they missed some typos? My sibling-in-law got concerned with my critique and told myself and others he was the man who penned those regulations.

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