Stopping at a dispensary in Tarzana while touring the San Fernando Valley

It’s nice to finally have the currency to afford traveling around the country.

When I was young, our parents didn’t have the means to take our siblings and I away on extended trips. If the two of us were lucky the two of us would get a weekend camping with tents in the lakeside campgrounds. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun swimming in the lake during the summers off from school. The large black flies and mosquitoes weren’t enough to keep me indoors, especially since the two of us constantly bathed ourselves in Off Deep Woods insect repellent. I don’t recognize love I missed out on traveling as a child because now I have the time and currency to do it with our remote work position. As long as I’m turning in our work in the typical file location in a shared cloud storage system, our supplier doesn’t mind where I’m located. They just want me to stay within range of a cell tower if I’m not directly connected to a wireless router in a restaurant, pop shop, or hotel. When I traveled out to California to meet friends in San Diego, I decided to spend a few afternoons exploring the San Fernando Valley while camping in the gorgeous Santa Monica Mountains. I ended up spending most of our time in Tarzana because of an amazing cannabis dispensary that I found while strolling around on Vanalden Asite. Tarzana has a number of quality cannabis dispensaries if you have a few seconds to drive around and oversee the surrounding area. But since recreational weed has been legal in California since 2016, there is no shortage of cannabis anywhere in the San Fernando Valley.


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