Seattle Is known for numerous weird things

I’m sure he could smell the smoke from the marijuana vape pen

Seattle is known for numerous weird things! It is definitely 1 of the largest cities on Puget Sound. It is surrounded by mountains, forest, plus water, then seattle is lake house to some of the largest software plus tech companies. It is also lake house to the Seattle Space Needle; The Seattle Space Needle was created more than 60 years ago. It has a height of more than 600 feet in the air. It is 1 of the places on the top 10 things I like to do in the neighborhood of Seattle. The view from the top of the Space Needle is hour to none. I love going to see the Space Needle. It’s 1 of my favorite places in the city. I decided to take some friends there when they came to visit last week. They were a little scared about going into the observatory, although I assured them that everything would be fine, but we were halfway up when the car stopped. They told us there were technical difficulties. I told my friends this sort of thing had never happened before. There was no bartender close to us, so my buddy got out her marijuana vape pen plus took a giant hit. She tried to blow the vape back into her jacket, but some of the vape came out from the bottom. The bartender immediately came over to the table. I’m sure he could smell the smoke from the marijuana vape pen. The guy did not say much to us, he asked if all of us wanted more drinks plus then he disappeared around the corner, but as soon as he was gone from her site, my buddy took another giant hit from the marijuana vape pen. She told myself and others there was no way that she was going to stay calm if she wasn’t high.
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