Living in Albuquerque after studying about marijuana legalization

When I graduated university with a degree in engineering, I falsely assumed that it would be easier to find a full time job in our city.

My frustration grew to outright panic when six months had elapsed plus I was still working at the pretzel stand in the local shopping mall.

A buddy of mine gave myself and others good advice to broaden the scope of our job search to other states plus cities. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to look all over the country, which is what I decided to do. After a week or 2 of widening our search scope, I started to see chances in states out west. Although I had never been to New Mexico, nor had I ever thought about living there, I saw several occasions at a corporation that is based out of Albuquerque. Right when I found this job, I saw a news article about recent marijuana legalization in New Mexico, plus that pushed myself and others to accept the offer. Now that I’m living in Albuquerque, I can’t imagine being somewhere else. The beautiful Rio Grande River cuts through the heart of the city, plus there are natural monuments on opposite ends. The Petroglyph National Monument can be found west of West Mesa, while the Sandia mountains are just east of Loma Del Ray plus state road 556. If I want something to do on the weekends, I’ll pack a joint plus head to the Cibola National Forest to take a fantastic hike. Albuquerque is roughly 5,600 feet above sea level, so the hot plus cold temperatures are much more modest plus comfortable compared to another large metropolitan desert neighborhood like Phoenix.

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