I pulled our kids out of Summer camp

I appreciate living in Highland which is a suburb of Evansville, IN; The neighborhood is good because it’s just outside the city; Evansville is so rich with culture, the two of us appreciate activitys, & the two of us have good food, then it’s entirely a good town to live in.

And the best section of living in the Highland area, is that I get to send our kids to fantastic schools! While living here is amazing, there are certain challenges as well, for instance, a couple weeks ago, I sent our kids to Summer camp & during the day, they got to play basketball & other games.

The camp was indoors, which was the main reason why I selected it. The outside temperatures were hovering in the mid 90’s & I thought it would be safer for them to play inside… Prior to booking, I confirmed that the camp facilities had a/c. Those gymnasiums can get pretty hot with all those kids running around in it, so I just wanted to make sure that there was no risk with our kids. Apparently, on the first day of camp, the air conditioner of the gymnasium went down, & it took 3 afternoons before it was fixed. They brought in fans for the kids, but it wasn’t enough to keep them cool, so, when I found out that the gym had no air conditioner, I instantly pulled our kids out of the program. I wasn’t taking any chances with that. I system on signing them up for the next session because the a/c is back up & running.
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