Adding a humidifier

Glenview, Illinois, is a really beautiful place to live.

We’re about fifteen miles from Chicago and known for the Glenview Naval Air Base.

We get to enjoy a rural environment while having access to all the amenities of the big city. I take my family to Flick Park and to explore the Techny Basin Conservation Area at different times of year. We are fortunate to enjoy all four unique seasons. We look forward to the spring flowers, hot summers and the changing leaves in the fall. Winter is a great opportunity to snowmobile, ski and snowboard. Temperatures in the teens or even the negative digits can create some challenges. The air becomes especially dry. With the furnace blasting non stop, the lack of humidity creates some concerns. Overly dry air feels colder than properly moisturized air, encouraging higher thermostat settings. The furnace is required to work harder and run longer. It experiences greater wear and tear and is more likely to malfunction. The heating system also uses more energy and results in higher utility bills. Insufficient humidity can be blamed for frizzy hair, chapped lips and bloody noses. The air sucks moisture out of everything it touches, aggravating symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. It dries out nasal passages, increasing the risk of respiratory infection and lengthening recovery from colds and flu. It can also cause wood floors, furnishings, doors and moldings to dry out and crack. Living in Glenview, a whole-home humidifier is a necessity. I chose a steam-style humidifier that is installed into the furnace and introduces moisture as the air passes through.


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