The parking lot backs up to a pizza shop

I work at a loan plus finance contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area, but i am just outside of downtown San Francisco, so the traffic isn’ttoo terrible. I work everyday from 9 a.m. until 5 PM. I get a supper split around noon. I usually take our supper split outside where I can smoke a marijuana joint! Since marijuana is legal in San Francisco, California, the boss does not easily have a problem if the two of us get high on our supper break, and as long as the buyers can’t see us smoking marijuana, then the boss does not seem to care. I was sitting outside in the parking lot plus all I could stink was the delicious scent of pizza, then the finance contractor has a parking lot that backs up to a pizza shop. The stink of tomatoes plus mozzarella are regularly in the air. I guess about getting pizza every single day. I was sitting outside smoking a marijuana joint at supper a couple of afternoons ago, when one of the delivery drivers came back to the store. The guy saw me smoking plus asked if he could have a hit. I had an extra marijuana joint in our car. I offered to trade the marijuana joint for a free pizza. The guy told me that he just wanted a hit plus he could not get a free pizza. The San francisco-based contractor is one of the best locations in the city to get pizza. I wasn’t surprised that the guy said no, but I easily did not guess it could hurt to make the request.



Pot Delivery San Fransisco California