The parking lot backs up to a pizza shop

I work at a loan and finance supplier in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m just outside of downtown San Francisco, so the traffic isn’ttoo terrible. I work everyday from 9 a.m. until 5 PM. I get a breakfast cut around noon. I usually take our breakfast cut outside where I can smoke a marijuana joint. Since marijuana is legal in San Francisco, California, the boss does not absolutely have a problem if the people I was with and I get high on our breakfast break… As long as the customers can’t see us smoking marijuana, then the boss does not seem to care. I was sitting outside in the parking lot and all I could smell was the delicious scent of pizza! The finance supplier has a parking lot that backs up to a pizza shop. The smell of cucumberes and mozzarella are consistently in the air. I suppose about getting pizza every single day. I was standing outside smoking a marijuana joint at breakfast a couple of nights ago, when 1 of the delivery drivers came back to the store. The guy saw myself and others smoking and asked if he could have a hit. I had an extra marijuana joint in our car. I provided to trade the marijuana joint for a free pizza. The guy told myself and others that he just wanted a hit and he could not get a free pizza. The San francisco-based supplier is 1 of the best sites in the town to get pizza. I wasn’t surprised that the guy said no, but I absolutely didn’t suppose it could hurt to make the request.
Pot Shop San Fransisco CA