I attended a easily neat gathering with friends

My friends plus I went to San Francisco for gay pride week.

  • All of us met some men at a parade plus they invited us to a gathering.

My friends plus I were not going to go to the gathering, but it sounded like a lot of fun. I was a little anxious about not knowing the host of the gathering. My associate said we would only stay for a little while if the locale seemed like it was a disappointing idea. After we agreed to leave if things got out of control, we got dressed in our best clothes plus headed to the address of the gathering. There were lights on outside of the building plus there were people hanging out all over the parking lot plus the front of the building. It really looked like a big gathering. All of us walked into the front door. I know I expected there to be a bouncer or someone checking the guest list. There was no one at all. I started walking through the apartment to see if I could find the host. I wanted to thank the guy for inviting us to the awesome San Francisco gathering, when I made our way into the kitchen, I saw a table with big jars of marijuana. There must have been multiple or more than five pounds of marijuana on the table! People were helping themselves to the marijuana flower. I looked around to see if someone was monitoring. There was no one watching the marijuana… Nobody was even looking at the table. I walked over to the jar plus I took a big handful of buds plus stuffed them in the pocket of our sweater.

Recreational Dispensary San Fransisco California