A new heater is ideal for cold weather area

In Glenview, Illinois, the winters are a challenge.

The cold weather is a problem for more than half the year.

We deal with excessive amounts of snow, dangerous wind chill, freezing rain, blizzards and temperatures down into the negative digits. Although our summers tend to be hot and humid, they don’t last long. I manage with window air conditioners and a collection of box fans. My priority is the heating systems. I am fortunate that my house in Glenview is equipped with a boiler system. The difference between a furnace and a boiler is that the first uses air to move heat energy throughout the house and the second uses water. A hydronic heating system pumps water through a series of pipes that connect to baseboard heaters installed around the perimeter of each room. The pipes are a closed loop and never require new water to be added. Because of this, a boiler doesn’t introduce dust, bacteria and other harmful contaminants into the breathing air. It is especially clean and the recommended type of heating system for people who suffer from asthma, allergies or respiratory sensitivities. Another benefit of hydronic heating is that it doesn’t add to concerns with overly dry air. The heat is radiated into the air, avoiding drafts and temperature fluctuations and creating very even floor to ceiling temperatures. With a thermostat in each room, I’m able to customize the settings to accommodate requirements, occupancy and preferences. Not only do we enjoy ideal comfort but avoid paying to heat empty rooms. I like that the boiler operates silently, efficiently and requires very little maintenance.

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