There is nothing better than a birthday in Las Vegas.

Several years ago, a great buddy of mine had his birthday in Las Vegas, NV; He was booking the rooms for most people, but they had to find their own moveation to plus from, but it was pressing for most people to let him think whether they could come, so that he wasn’t overbooking plus paying for unused hotel rooms.

I knew I wouldn’t be going, plus I told him instantaneously. I knew he understood, however he was a bit upset. I asked him why he chose Las Vegas to get married? He looked at myself and others with 1 of those crooked smiles, plus told myself and others that not only is Las Vegas, NV, filled with celebrity chapels, but they had legal recreational marijuana. I guessed that marijuana was pressing because of the giant smile he had on his face. He said the marijuana was for the evening before the birthday. He plus his friends were planning on getting high, drinking too much, plus hoping not to have a headache so awful for the next day that he couldn’t say his vows. I knew my buddy well plus none of these explanations surprised me, then the evening before the birthday, he called me. I knew he hadalready been drinking too much, because he asked myself and others if I thought he was making a giant mistake! When I said no, I thought his soon-to-be wife was terrific, he chuckled. He said he wasn’t distraught about her. He was distraught about how much recreational marijuana he had used, along with the alcohol. If he had to ask, I am sure he had already had too much.



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