Museums in Eugene, Oregon make it worth the trip

I am a person who really enjoys a trip to a great museum.

It’s one of those things that I have always loved, even back whenever I was a little kid.

That hasn’t changed as I have gotten older, either. I still love museums of all kinds now that I am an adult. I will search out local museums wherever I go and I am rarely ever disappointed with them. That’s why I ended up going to visit Eugene, Oregon last year whenever I was on summer break from teaching high school history. I decided that Eugene was one of the places that I should go and visit since they were supposed to have a really great Museum of Natural and Cultural History there. The Museum is a showcase for all kinds of anthropological, paleontological, and zoological artifacts and it was a wonderland of fossils, photographs, and preserved specimens of wildlife. I absolutely loved it, and I especially enjoyed one of the museum exhibits which showed the past thousands of years of Oregon history. The museum has lots of events and workshops there, and I was lucky enough to be there for one of their summer camps. I was pretty excited about the whole thing and I was able to volunteer to help with some of the students there for camp. I think that the museum is probably the best one in Eugene, Oregon, and I would definitely recommend it to other people. I plan on going back there to visit again in the near future whenever I return to visit one of their legal cannabis dispensaries.


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