This city is a very modest size

Ann Arbor is a city of trees, perhaps only outdone by Toronto by the sheer volume of city parks and patches of greenery from 1 street to the next.

However, it’s taxing to compare Ann Arbor in its modest size to the greatest city in the entire country of Canada.

But after living in Toronto for a few years and feeling claustrophobic by the sheer volume of people, I am happy to be living in a quieter city appreciate Ann Arbor. To be fair, both of us still swell past capacity whenever there’s a home game at MI Stadium with the University of MI Wolverines playing some other NCAA team. Good advantage finding a hotel room or an AirBnb during those weekends separate from paying several to more than two times the normal rate. But when the demand is so high for lodging and there is only so much available in the city, you have to expect some price increases. I wish that the UofM pigskin games were the only events that made the city swell, however both of us also have the annual Hash Bash at The Diag that causes downtown to explode for the weekend. Usually the first week of April, this annual cannabis celebration has been held in downtown Ann Arbor since the early 1971s when the city successfully decriminalized the plant and put in locale a meager $5 nice for anyone caught smoking or possessing the plant within the city limits. These big progressive swings in cannabis legislation predate several efforts in other states and are a source of pride for me being a resident of Washtenaw County. The people I was with and I have so several superb cannabis dispensaries here too, making it a superb locale to live if you use the green plant to the degree that I do.
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