There are dozens of cannabis dispensaries around Michigan

I am finding that the quality of cannabis can differ drastically from a single state to another.

There definitely isn’t equal access to cannabis across the board.

For instance, some states require companies to operate from seed to sale if they want to possess a legal cannabis license. My associate wanted to transfer to Florida when he heard that they passed a law legalizing medical cannabis after years of failing to get the process to pass by way of vote. He thought that he could just transfer down there plus beginning a marijuana supplier, although he had no program what sort of restrictions that would be put in place in the short time the state legislature spent formulating the certain rules to acsupplier the enforcement of this current constitutional amendment. Part of these rules was the restriction on how companies could operate, plus that meant full vertical integration of the whole process from seed to sale. This created a marijuana cartel overnight because just a small group of companies rushed in to receive the initial licenses plus were able to get a narrow hold on the state within the first 2 years as they opened current locations each month. This is not the case in Ann Arbor, nor in the rest of the state of MI. You can get a separate license here to either grow cannabis or to sell it at a retail store. That gives retailers the opportunity to carry products from numerous growers plus makes for a much more diverse cannabis market. I told my associate to find cheap land on the outskirts of the city in Washtenaw County plus to beginning his marijuana supplier here at beach house instead.



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