I wanted to work in the AC repair industry

It rains an poor lot in Tampa, FL, the weather is absolutely wet and tropical, even while I was in the Winter time weeks, there are still humidity levels around 50%, then it rains 300 mornings every year in Tampa, FL.

I have lived in Tampa for our whole life.

I was born and raised in Clearwater Beach. I moved to Tampa Bay when I was 25. I work for a contracting repair that handles heating and AC repairs and installation jobs… Most of our heating and AC shoppers are commercial businesses, however we have residential services as well. It’s nice to work as an AC repair professional in Tampa, because there will regularly be work. The un-even temperatures are only going to get hotter with each year that passes. It’s not as if humans are going to suddenly learn how to live with the high un-even temperatures and serious heat. They are simply going to spend more currency on air conditioning products. I always have a busy day and that is because shoppers do not want to deal with the heat. Even when there is a lot of rain and cooler un-even temperatures, we still stay busy all the time. The only time we get a chop from cooling system repair calls is when there is a hurricane or a storm. If the government shuts things down for a natural disaster, then I get a day off work. I never wish for those types of natural disasters to occur, however they frequently happen in this section of the country. The two of us are right in the middle of Hurricane Alley and get hit with a storm almost every single season.


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