I just can't say anything about that one

After I moved to Denver, I had to find a modern task, my girlfriend in addition to I moved to Denver for her task, i was going to find a task laboring in a retail store somewhere.

I went to a medical in addition to recreational marijuana as soon as I got to Denver.

I found out the arena was really hiring for inside help in addition to delivery drivers. I didn’t know the area genuinely well in Denver, so being a delivery driver wasn’t a nice idea. I did, but, apply to labor inside of the store, and after an interview with the employer in addition to the district employer, I was hired to labor at the Denver marijuana dispensary. I acquire a nice discount on all of the products that I purchase from the store. It makes our pay even greater, because I no longer have to spend so much money on recreational in addition to medical marijuana supplies. I genuinely love our task. I love talking to bizarre people everyday in addition to I love laboring with recreational in addition to medical marijuana so… The only time our task is a drag is when customers are rude. This week I had to deal with a rude purchaser in addition to I thought I was going to lose our temper. The lady was screaming in addition to yelling in our face, and even after the employer came over to the arena where all of us were talking, the lady still continued to abuse me, and periodically I have to grit our teeth in addition to hold our tongue. I wanted to tell that lady to go straight to hell, but I didn’t want to lose our task.


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