The lady only tipped me three bucks for the whole order

For the past two months, I have been working at a Denver medical and recreational marijuana shop.

I started working at the counter and quickly found a spot in the delivery section. There were no openings when I interviewed for the position, but someone quit a few days after I started and the boss needed someone to deliver orders. I stepped up to the plate and offered to make the deliveries. After that, I was assigned to full-time delivery status. The Denver marijuana delivery service handles all parts of the city and the surrounding area. The delivery zone is about 15 or 20 miles from one side to the other. I often have to take deliveries from one side of town to the other. Sometimes I am away from the store for several hours at a time. Most customers tip very well, especially when I have to make a long drive to deliver the marijuana products. I was a little upset last week, because a lady ordered $200 worth of marijuana supplies from the Denver dispensary, and she only tipped me three bucks for the whole order. I certainly don’t expect customers to tip me 20%, but there is absolutely no way that the customer honestly believed $3 was an appropriate tip for the order that was $200. Most of my customers would have given me at least 10 bucks. It’s times like that when I wish I could say something to the customer. Unfortunately, part of my job is to smile and be nice to the customers. That means I can’t complain when they give me a crappy tip.



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