Albuquerque is a fun place to visit

When I was a kid, our parents took myself and others to the town every weekend to have fun. All of us were only a couple of miles away from downtown Albuquerque, however there were regularly fun activities happening in the city! It did not matter if it was the weekend or a weekday. There was regularly something fun to do in Albuquerque; One year our family took our sibling plus I to a park in Albuquerque. All of us were supposed to spend the whole day at the park. The weather was a comfortable 90° on that day plus the Sun was shining brightly. There were a couple of storm clouds in the area, however the forecast was not for rain… My family plus I were all surprised when rain started to fall. All of us instantly had to go back to the lake house because of the weather. I remember that day very well, because that was the first time I ever realized that our mom plus dad used recreational marijuana. My siblings plus I were supposed to be taking a nap plus our parents were outside on the porch. I odored a odd plus odd odor coming from outside. When I opened the door, our mom plus dad were resting outside with a marijuana joint. They suddenly told myself and others to go back inside of the house, however I already knew they were using marijuana plus there was no need to hide it from our siblings plus I anymore. These afternoons, Albuquerque, New Mexico is a locale where marijuana is legal for recreational plus medical use. There is not definitely any reason for anyone to hide use of the legal plant.
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