Living in Tampa isn't all roses and fairy dust

A lot of my friends are jealous because I live in Tampa.

I moved here six months ago when I was assigned to a year-long job. I didn’t expect things to be perfect, but I thought it would be alot more fun that I am currently having. I didn’t want to extend the time on the job, but I didn’t have any choice. In the last six months, the job has been extended for five additional months and it looks like I will be in Tampa for the entire time. I don’t mind living in Tampa, but it isn’t all roses and fairy dust like my friends believe. My apartment is really expensive and I have to take a cab to work everyday. I didn’t want to take my car to the jobsite, because that meant driving a very long distance instead of flying. The weather in Tampa is absolutely horrible. It’s hot, muggy, and humid. I tried to go to the beach last month on my day off and the water was covered with red algae. I couldn’t go anywhere near the beach after I found out this is called red tide. Red tide is a significant problem that affects Florida beaches like Davis Islands in Tampa. This problem continues to worsen with every single year. I know it seems nice to live by the water, but when the water is filled with bacteria and viruses, I can’t surf, swim, or water ski. When this job is finished next year, I’m going to take a job in a different state. I’ve spent enough time in Tampa to know that Florida isn’t the place where I want to put down roots or start a family.
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