I surprised my hubby with a trip to Buffalo NY for his birthday

I have to be honest, I debated between a Buffalo, NY divorce lawyer or a Buffalo, NY vacation! I’m cheerful that I can say I decided on the vacation, however my hubby is obsessed with the famous author Mark Twain, whose real name is Samuel Clemens; He quotes him all the time, plus sincerely, it occasionally drives myself and others nuts.

  • It’s just one of the quirks that he has plus yeah, it gets on my nerves, although I love him regardless, and last year, I wanted to surprise him for his birthday, so I planned a trip to Buffalo NY to see Mark Twain’s grave located in Elmira’s Woodsod Cemetery.

My hubby was so surprised plus he was so excited when he realized where he was. I even got him a cigar to leave it by the grave… Both of us spent minutes at the place because there were other die hard fans who visited the grave that day. I am just excited that my hubby loved the surprise, but everything on that trip went well except that all of us had a problem with the a/c in the house that all of us rented. Both of us went to Buffalo in the Summer, plus it was sizzling plus humid outside, so all of us needed to have a/c, you would assume that because new a/c was invented in Buffalo NY, that the residents would have the best Heating as well as Air Conditioning systems installed in their properties; Well, the a/c was blowing sizzling air, plus when all of us contacted the property owner, he immediately offered to send over an Heating as well as Air Conditioning worker to inspect the unit… All in all, I’m cheerful that I am not in contact with a Buffalo, NY divorce lawyer or trust lawyer to protect my assets, then on minute thought, I may contact that Buffalo, NY trust lawyer, just in case things do not work out the way I want! LOL


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