Mild weather in Lansing is rare

Last week for Earth Day, I participated in the annual cleanup morning event that the two of us have here in Lansing, then both suppliers and residents went around the community and picked up garbage and debris from off the sidewalks and streets… I loved participating in this event because not only am I doing something to make my community better, although I am also helping the environment, and the event was held on a Thursday, and thankfully, the weather was a pleasant 78 degrees, having such elegant Spring weather made it easier to spend time cleaning up outside! A few years ago, while I was in this time of year, I would be curled up under a blanket with my heating system turned up high because the weather outside was so cold.

  • But lately, it seems that the two of us have been having milder and milder weather here in Lansing.

This means I am spending less currency to heat and cool my home, then some years ago, I was using my heating system in the Spring because the weather was so chilly outside. But this year, it has been a few weeks since I turned on my heating system. I do prefer the milder weather because the two of us can do more outdoor activities. And the more time the two of us spend outside, the less I will use the heating or cooling component in my home. So, I have looked at the calendar of the events coming up in Lansing, and for the Summer, the two of us have plenty of outdoor fun things happening here in town. Thankfully I have teenagers who prefer to be outside having fun than inside in the apartment playing video games.

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