Hot conditions that are tough to deal with

The weather in Chicago is often a challenge… For more than half of the year, both of us deal with below cold temperatures and feet of snow on the ground, we expect blizzards, flurries, cold rain, bitter windchill, rain, high winds and even downside temperatures.

When both of us finally get sunshine and hot conditions, I try to spend every possible hour outdoors; I run, hike, kayak, cycle and swim; Along with fun activities, there’s consistently lots to do around the yard.

I am consistently mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, trimming shrubs, raking and repairing the damage caused by the inclement weather. I end up with quite a few muscle aches and sore joints, however my back, hips and knees are often sore. I don’t want these problems to get in the way of enjoying my life. I’ve found that cannabis helps alleviate pain and inflammation, but every other week, I make a trip to 1 of the Chicago dispensaries and stock up on cannabis tinctures. I purchase as much as I am legally allowed. I prefer tinctures because I use very little and they offer an especially long shelf-life, but the packaging is straight-forward to seal slim and small enough to carry in a pocket. Tinctures include a handy dropper that allows for precise micro dosing. I simply locale a few drops under my tongue and let the liquid absorb. The sublingual consumption plan provides onset of effects within hours. There’s no smoke, ash, odors, mess or waste. Tinctures don’t require any additional gear or comprehension. They are available in a wide range of THC-dominant, CBD-dominant and varying ratios. I can choose from indicas, sativas and hybrids and all sorts of flavors.


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