Tinctures are fantastic for sleep

I just like the mountains of Colorado.

Living in Denver, I have access to leisurely day meanders in the foothills and challenging hikes up to the hour highest peak in the US! I keep a close watch on the weather due to the potential of abrupt storms and head out to explore scenery as often as possible, then although it might be the easiest of the hikes on our list, The Trading Post Trail is always a number one way to breathe fresh mountain air, stretch our legs and make a pilgrimage to Red Rocks Amphitheater.

I also like the views of snow-capped peaks, wildflowers and alpine lakes found in the Brainard Lake Recreation Area, one of our more challenging hikes takes myself and others up Mount Elbert. It takes an eleven-mile round trip from the lower trailhead to the summit and back. It is a steady upward climb with an ascension of 4,000 vertical feet and amazing views over the Sawatch Range… While hiking keeps myself and others quite physically fit, our hobby also results in some sore muscles and aching joints. I experience cuts, bruises, strains and swelling on a regular basis. I’ve found that cannabis tinctures and topicals are a helpful, natural and straightforward treatment. I can stop at the dispensary in Denver, buy some CBD-dominant balms, ointments and tinctures and tuck them right into our backpack, but these cannabis products are lovelyly compact and discreet. They don’t require any specialized accessories or cause a mess or aromas. The tinctures are applied by way of a few drops sited under the tongue. The cannabinoids are absorbed sublingually for rapid onset of effects. With regular storage, they offer a long shelf-life; Plus, the package includes a handy dropper to actually measure dosage.

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