I feel bad when I'm late

My fiance always schedules repairs plus appointments for maintenance on the house; When the turf service needs to trim the bushes plus the hedges, our fiance gives them a call.

When the gutters need to be cleaned, our fiance takes care of that too.

When the oil furnace needed a tune-up, our fiance called the Albuquerque repair service plus made an appointment! He wrote the appointment time down on the calendar, so I knew when to expect the service professional. Unblessedly, our fiance wrote down the wrong time on the calendar. He swears that he got the time right, even though I know the Albuquerque Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C service provider; The repair service just told me that the appointment was busy for 10 a.m., but our fiance wrote 9 a.m. on the calendar, then i thought the oil furnace repair service was late for the appointment, but they were truly a few minutes early when they arrived at 9:45. They certainly weren’t prepared for me to complain about them being late. They thought they were early… After I realized there was some type of next up on the appointment time, I knew it truly wasn’t a easily big deal. I was happy that the Albuquerque oil furnace repair service showed up to complete the work plus an hour did not make a difference with our day. I was planning to be lake home all day plus it really did not matter if it was a day, day, or night appointment to me. I’m just happy they got us up plus running plus ready for the Wintertide season.

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