HVAC repairs are plentiful when the weather is hot

My favorite time of the year is summer.

There are a lot of reasons why I prefer this time of the year.

One reason is due to my line of work. I am an HVAC repair person. Summer is my bread and butter. I usually make twice as much money during the summer, as I do in the winter months. A lot of that is due to the place where I live. Tampa Bay, Florida, has a very mild winter season, but a very harsh summer one. Summer temperatures easily average 90 degrees or higher. If you don’t have AC, then you run the risk of getting heat stroke. Heat stroke is a serious ailment that affects a lot of people each year. Heat stroke often affects the elderly. They don’t realize it’s getting hot until they are overheated and they don’t usually drink enough water to stay properly hydrated. When the weather is hot, I do my best to stay hydrated. Even when I have a busy day of AC repairs, I still take time to hydrate with plenty of Gatorade and water. I keep water and Gatorade inside of my work truck in a cooler that has ice. The drinks are always right there when I need one and I don’t have to pay expensive gas station prices for every drink I want during the day. Believe me, when I first moved to Tampa I wasn’t used to the hot temperatures. I spent twenty or thirty dollars every day on cold drinks. My wife put an end to that and bought me a cooler. At night she fills up the cooler with drinks and I stopped at the gas station in the morning to fill up the cooler with ice.

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