Medical marijuana is so good

I knew that I could get a medical marijuana card when I turned 18, so I did not care when our parents found out that I was smoking pot. I tried to tell them that the plant was helpful with our ADHD and anxiety. They did not seem to feel that could be true, and when both of us moved to San Francisco, CA, I told our mom and dad that I was going to get a medical marijuana access card as soon as I turned 18 years of age. My dad thought I was joking, however our mom knew that I was serious. On the day of our 18th anniversary, I went to a San Francisco marijuana dispensary to speak with someone about a medical marijuana card . I found out that I needed to go to a dentist in order to be checked out and confirmed. The process absolutely wasn’t long or difficult and I did get a medical marijuana card when I was finished with the process. I can purchase marijuana from any dispensary in the San Francisco section or anywhere in CA. My mom and dad would go berserk if they knew that I was properly using marijuana . I haven’t told them anything at all because I am still in university and I want to be able to finish. I am quite certain they will kick me out of the beach house and make me leave when they find out that I am using marijuana. I have many little brothers and they seem to be upset that I will turn them into drug addicts if I am using medical marijuana.

Marijuana Pick-up San Fransisco California