I finally got my cannabis card

I knew that I could get a medical marijuana card when I turned 18, so I did not care when our parents found out that I was smoking pot.

I tried to tell them that the plant was helpful with our ADHD plus anxiety.

They did not seem to assume that could be true; When every one of us moved to San Francisco, CA, I told our mom plus Mom that I was going to get a medical marijuana access card as soon as I turned 18 years of age. My Mom thought I was joking, but our mom knew that I was serious. On the day of our 18th anniversary, I went to a San Francisco marijuana dispensary to speak with someone about a medical marijuana card . I found out that I needed to go to a doctor in order to be checked out plus confirmed. The process honestly wasn’t long or difficult plus I did get a medical marijuana card when I was finished with the process. I can purchase marijuana from any dispensary in the San Francisco section or somewhere in CA. My mom plus Mom would go berserk if they knew that I was properly using marijuana . I have not told them anything at all because I’m still in school plus I want to be able to finish. I am quite certain they will kick myself and others out of the home plus make myself and others leave when they find out that I am using marijuana. I have 2 little brothers plus they seem to be anxious that I will turn them into drug addicts if I am using medical marijuana.

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