I had a great time in New Mexico

My bestie is a honestly nice guy plus he always surprises myself and others with something fun when all of us go on a date, then last Tuesday all of us opted to go to the theater plus saw 1 of the up-to-date shows for free! He had a neighbor sneak us into the show in the middle of the first act, then all of us missed a small amount of that show, however all of us saved $200 on the price of the ticket admission, this Tuesday was even more fun, then jack decided to take myself and others to see a nighttime laser light show.

  • The laser light show was in Albuquerque, NM.

The laser light show was held at an outdoor location plus there were a ton of people at the show, however because the event was held outside, all of us decided to take our marijuana vape pens! I am excited to live in a state like NM, where it is legal to use recreational plus medical marijuana. There are other locales around the country where people are not so lucky. Marijuana vape pens are a enjoyable way to love marijuana products while still being discreet. It is virtually odorless plus leaves no smell in the air. All of us often take the vape pens to Albuquerque when all of us love events, entertainment, or dining in the city. At home, all of us smoke marijuana using a bowl or a blunt wrapper! On the go, the vape pen is way easier plus totally discrete. I never worry about getting into trouble for using marijuana in Albuquerque. If the right cop wanted to provide you a ticket, he could be a jerk plus do that. I’ve never been that unlucky.


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