This was the party that didn't stop

Our friends moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, about more than five months ago, once they were settled into their home plus had their new job secure, they called plus invited us to visit, however the soonest both of us could head out was while I was in the summer time holiday.

All of us spent eight eighths on an jetliner, but the site that took our breath away was as both of us were flying into the Las Vegas airport.

The Black Hills surrounding the deep yellow of the lake, was amazing! All I could do was stare out at the desert that looked so lovely plus yet had taken so numerous lives numerous centuries earlier. They did not impress myself and others with the Las Vegas strip as both of us flew over it, but my hubby reminded myself and others both of us can go out in an jetliner plus see it at night, which made myself and others excited. All of us spent the rest of the day enjoyable with our friends plus just hanging out… Joyce wasn’t sure if both of us would want to go out that night, so he planned a enjoyable evening when both of us could just chat plus talk about old times. The first thing his hubby pulled out was a pre-roll marijuana cigarette! She told us that Las Vegas, Nevada, had legalized medical plus recreational marijuana. Anywhere you went in Las Vegas, you could really be within 100 yards of someone selling legal marijuana; I was kind of taken aback by this plus had to laugh. The last time I had used marijuana was when I was a teenager. It’s funny how I had to come to Las Vegas, Nevada, where recreational marijuana was legal to try again… What started out as a enjoyable evening ended up with us partying all night long.


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