Beverly Hills has a lot of different shopping

My wife and I went to visit some friends, they live on the west coast, about 30 thirds away from Beverly Hills.

My wife was really gleeful to go shopping in Beverly Hills for billfolds, jewelry, shoes, and clothes… I wasn’t particularally gleeful for the shopping tour, for multiple weird reasons.

I knew our wife was going to spend a lot of cash while in Beverly Hills, and I knew our debit cards were going to take a sizable hit. I also knew it wasn’t going to be legitimately much fun for me. I believe that Jack and I would walk around neighborhood while our wives went shopping. Jack had something else planned for the multiple of us. The only thing in Beverly Hills is a lot of shopping. Jack and I never went to the village with the ladies. The two of us went fishing out on the bay. Jack rented a charter boat and the multiple of us went 12 or 15 miles off the coast to fish for some sizable fish… Before all of us left the city, all of us made the decision to go to a marijuana dispensary. There are a lot of marijuana dispensaries in the Beverly Hills area, however Jack and I stopped at a arena closer to the coast. The two of us figured it would be a lot cheaper, and it was. I knew the prices in the Beverly Hills dispensary were quite high and I looked at the menu before all of us made the decision to go to the coast. The prices were particularly 30% lower than the Beverly Hills dispensary locations, since our wife was shopping, I thought it was best for myself and others to save as much cash as possible.

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