We love football

My co-workers plus I had a absolutely rough day yeahterday plus every one of us decided to go to the bar when labor was over, then the two of us spent most of the day in Lansing laboring on an HVAC replacement job. The owner of the Lansing condo watched us labor the whole day, then she set up a chair in the garage plus did not transport except a single or numerous times to particularly use the bathroom or get a drink, however it was a single of the most uncomfortable situations that I have ever had to labor through. The two of us tried to tell the girl that every one of us were professionals plus every one of us would not miss anything. The girl I rolled her eyeah plus continued to watch us labor on the HVAC replacement, then when my coworkers plus I finished with the Lansing job, every one of us decided to go to a single of our favorite bars to watch the Cubs play. I was resting at the bar with a beer in my hand when a girl behind myself and others bumped into myself and others plus Spilled my beer. She nearly chipped my tooth with the bottle because she was not being careful. I was already exasperated from my day of labor plus I did not want to deal with a preppy frat girl plus her attitude. When she started talking about the Chicago Bears, I finally had enough. I politely told that girl to go outside or I was going to remove him on my own. I meant company plus I wasn’t going to budge. The girl started laughing, plus I stood up from my chair at the bar. She backed away plus put up her hands plus defense; Maybe I was just being touchy, but nobody’s going to provide myself and others a hard time about the Cubs or the Bears.


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