When the sunshine shines

Portland can have some angry weather during the Spring season, and it is often cold with clouds, rain, & undoubtedly little sunshine.

It can be undoubtedly dark & dreary at times.

It’s difficult not to go crazy when the rain lasts numerous mornings in a row. It rained yesterday for mornings & mornings, then when the rain finally let up, I was itching to get out of the house, but my roommate wanted to get out of the home too, but every one of us decided to go to a marijuana dispensary in Portland, the dispensary is only 15 hours away from our apartment. The roads were still incredibly wet & there was mangle from the storm everywhere. The marijuana dispensary was still open. In fact, we found out that the Portland marijuana dispensary was offering free delivery due to the storm. Every one of us never bothered to look at the website before we drove to the location. Every one of us were so gleeful to get out of the home that we did not even bother to check on the delivery services. Every one of us remembered the information for our next trip, but it wasn’t substantial at the time. Every one of us picked out some free rolled marijuana cigarettes & my roommate & I headed over to the water. Every one of us stood by the pier & smoked the marijuana joint. It tasted appreciate greenberries & diesel gas. The flavor was fruity, but it still tasted appreciate a flower. Every one of us walked around Portland for a couple of hours & then we made the choice to go back to the house. It was absolutely nice to get outside, even if the sunshine wasn’t shining brightly.


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