I didn't understand the public transportation when I started school

I lived in rural Idaho before I started college in Washington.

I got accepted to a university right in the middle of Seattle.

I was really excited to leave for school and go to the big city. My parents were worried, but they supported my decision to attend college in another state. I didn’t understand the public transportation system when I started school. I was from a small town with corn, potatoes, and no taxis. The only bus I was familiar with was a school bus. I tried to take the bus one morning for a job interview and I ended up in Tacoma. That was the last time I used the public transportation system. I took a cab or I rode my bike if I needed to go a long distance. All of that changed when cannabis was legalized in Seattle. It happened 2 years after I started college. Everyone was excited about the legalization of cannabis and that included me. Unfortunately, only a couple of cannabis dispensaries were legalized to sell recreational supplies. None of them were close to the place where my friends and I went to college, so we had to take a drive every time we wanted recreational cannabis supplies. None of us had a car and an Uber cost $46 the first time. After that, I quickly learned how to use the public transportation in Seattle. Now I feel like a pro after only 5 years in town.. I could give anyone directions to any place in town using the bus or the metro station.


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