The boss gives his friends all of the good shifts and deliveries

I’ve been living in the basement of my parents house for several months.

Recently they said it was time for me to get a place of my own. They gave me 6 months to find a job and a place of my own. I honestly never thought my Mom and Dad would kick me out of the house and the ultimatum came as a huge shock to me. I got really angry and upset, and then I started looking for a job. I had a couple of really good friends that were working at a marijuana dispensary in downtown Denver. That guy’s offered to help me get a job at the dispensary. I was absolutely grateful that my friends were willing to help. They offered to let me sleep on the couch of their apartment too, but I wasn’t going to leave my parents house until I had an apartment of my own. I absolutely enjoyed working at the dispensary. The Denver location is busy all of the time and there is never a dull or boring moment at work. A couple of weeks after I started, the manager asked me if I wanted to start working as a delivery driver. Having money in my pocket every single day sounded like a great deal, so I agreed to switch to the delivery drivers pay and schedule. The first couple of days things went very well, and then I realized that the boss was giving all of the good deliveries to his friends. I wasn’t making very much money at all. I told the manager to take me off of the delivery schedule and put me back on the counter in the Denver dispensary location.



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