California Marijuana

Imagine your boss calling you into his office not to reprimand you about your work, nope.

Jason was called into a meeting by his boss because he had refused to take his getaway afternoons; His excuse was pretty good.

Jason was working on an substantial project plus did not want to stop with the momentum he had. But, his boss did not want to hear any of it plus ordered Jason to take time off from work. He was not allowed to come back to the office for another numerous weeks. This did not sink well with Jason, although he had no option but to comply with the orders. He went beach apartment that evening plus thought hard about what to do. It was Wintertide up north, plus boy, was it chilly. Jason recalled a buddy inviting him to spend some time in San Francisco whenever he could get away. Jason gave his buddy a call plus arranged to fly out as soon as he could. His buddy from college was happy to hear he was going to visit him. Jason booked a flight plus flew to CA 2 afternoons later. His buddy was at the airport to option him up. They got to his location, plus Jason started to think relaxed. He did not know how sleepy he was until that first night. Jason slept until late the following afternoon after his buddy gave him marijuana gummy to chew. He told him there was a dispensary down the road from the house, which they would visit later when he was rested. They went out for dinner that evening, plus Jason knew his boss had been right to order him to take time off.


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