I wanted to spend a day at the beach

I had the day off labor on Wednesday and so did our friends… The people I was with and I planned to spend the day at the beach.

The people I was with and I went to a San Francisco marijuana dispensary before all of us headed over to the water.

The road to the dispensary was plugged and all of us had to take a detour around 3 streets and a important building, but when all of us finally got to the San Francisco dispensary location, all of us asked the budtender why the road was closed down, and she informed our friends and I that a movie crew was shooting a movie. They were using the fish cannery as the scene for an action shot in the movie. The San Francisco dispensary was informed that the shooting would take locale for the next 3 mornings. The woman did not know the name of the movie, supervisor, or any of the actors, however my friends and I decided to leave the automobile parked at the dispensary. The people I was with and I walked a few blocks so all of us could try to see what was going on. The people I was with and I smoked a marijuana joint on our walk, it was Girl Scout cookies. It had a entirely nice minty flavor and I was entirely high by the time all of us finally found the movie set, however everything was plugged off and all of us could not talk to any of the staff or crew. The people I was with and I could see a lot from the side of the building where all of us were standing, so all of us decided to hang out and watch the movie crew for the day. The people I was with and I really saw 3 A list actors that day. I guess they were legitimately movieing a third sequel to an action movie franchise that has done actually well in theaters.


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