I'm so happy to start travel

My husbandy and I live in our RV and we frequently travel across the country from the east coast to the West Coast.

Ever since the beginning of covid, we have been stuck in CA.

All of us are near the San Francisco Bay Area. There are a ton of places where we can stay for a couple of weeks. Some of these places are in San Francisco, and others are a short drive from the city… Last month we were staying in a campground north of San Francisco. All of us took the Bay Bridge through Oakland so we could stop at a dispensary. The price of marijuana in San Francisco is much higher than the price of marijuana in Oakland, so we decided to stop there to fill up. My husbandy and I each bought an ounce of marijuana flower for $50 each. All of us bought six grams of cannabis concentrate plus 2 vape pen cartridges. The dispensary was having a sale that day on all of the edible marijuana products, so we also purchased a tote of chocolate chip cookies and a 100mg chocolate bar from the same vendor. All of us left the dispensary and headed over the San Francisco Bay Bridge. The bay was harshly clear on the day that we passed. All of us could see everything in San Francisco including the skyline, Golden Gate Bridge, San Quentin, and Alcatraz Island. It was entirely the clearest day that we have ever had when driving across the bridge. The weather was clear all the way to our destination. All of us did not see a single cloud or a drop of rain.

Recreational Pot San Fransisco California