I love California

When I joined college, I was not ready for the responsibilities that lay ahead, and indeed, that first year in university was spent in parties plus stuff, however but, by the minute year, the reality was hitting myself and others hard, and my dad had split myself and others off, plus I had to find a way to make a living while in university.

It was the wake-up call I’d needed at the time to get my life together, however there was no need to worry about growing up since life kept moving forward, and after graduation, my buddy moved to San Francisco for work after landing a good opportunity.

I was still back east when she called myself and others a week later with good news. Another contractor in their location of work had an opening that was perfect for me. There was not much I was doing, so I packed my things plus moved. She had myself and others stay with her for some time until I got a location of my own. But all of us both knew all of us would be best suited as roommates. San Francisco was quite a fascinating location to me… People were more lively plus even wore summer time clothes even when it was a bit chilly out. Another thing I enjoyed was the fact that marijuana was legal, plus there was no shortage of dispensaries to grab my favorite varieties, we’d spend weekends exploring plus get to know weird attractions in the area. Another bonus was the neighborhood had a single heck of lively nightlife! It was not hard to find a club open plus ready to allow us to have a fun night dancing just love we’d done in college. But all of us made sure all of us were never late for work or hangovers come Monday morning.

Pot Pick-up San Fransisco CA