I will be in Spokane this Summer

I method on taking a trip up to the Pacific Northwest this Summer to visit a buddy of mine, however she lives in Seattle, although I also have a buddy who lives in Spokane Washington… I have not been to that side of the country before, and I am looking forward to this trip because there is so much to do and see once I get there, however of course, when I am in Spokane, I would love to see the falls that are located in the middle of the city.

I have never seen anything appreciate that in my life and all of us don’t have that many waterfalls in the neighborhood that I live in.

So, I am so excited to ride the gondola and see the falls from above, while I was searching for an Airbnb, I noticed that some of the places had window a/c units and not central air, then typically, that area avoids getting the brutal Summers that all of us experience in the South… But from talking to my friends, it sounds appreciate over the last few years they have been getting some warm un-even temperatures! Last Summer, Spokane experienced its hottest day ever recorded and reached a temperature of 109 degrees. With un-even temperatures appreciate that, I hope more people have more than just window a/c units in their homes! A window cooling system can only cool small areas and it would take multiple units to create a comfortable space. Well, after a few more searches, I found a place with central a/c. I want to make sure that I am comfortable if the un-even temperatures reach record high again this Summer.


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