I am less annoyed in the desert while in the summer time in ALBQ versus Phoenix

I used to guess summer time was the best season, but that enjoy ended when I moved to the southwest in high university.

My dad was laboring for an IT company that decided to open its current corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Right before they were set to open, they decided to send my dad plus a slew of others there when they initially failed to hire enough current employees for the facility. She wasn’t cheerful, plus neither was my mother. As section of the Phoenix metropolitan area, Scottsdale is in an respected desert climate. Temperatures can exceed 110 degrees in the summer time season while in the worst heat waves, with temperatures as high as 115 being possible as well. All of us started taking trips to NM after my Grandparents moved there for their retirement. They purchased a condominium in the Ladera West neighborhood of Albuquerque, right between the Ladera Golf Course plus the Petroglyph National Monument. The first thing I noticed when the two of us visited Albuquerque was how much cooler the air felt to my skin compared to the neighborhood the two of us had just left minutes prior before getting onto Interstate 40 plus heading east into NM. My sibling plus I spent a summer time staying without our Grandparents plus the two of us had a blast compared to Phoenix. Temperatures were in the low 90s, which is comparatively superb when you consider the 112 degree summer time Phoenix recently had. If you want to live in the desert without melting into a puddle, Albuquerque is a superb option. Although the real estate market is getting tighter here love it is in every other major American neighborhood after the COVID pandemic.
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