The beach apartment had an A/C in every room

Every year our family goes on a summer time getaway together.

The two of us have had this tradition since our sibling plus I were younger! Everyone in our family used to get together plus go to the lake for a week! It was a lot of fun plus both of us had a good time hanging out with our cousins.

The two of us had kayaks plus canoes plus both of us spent a lot of time on the water. The two of us had fishing poles plus rafts plus lots of unusual activities to keep us busy, but my parents usually stayed at the apartment drinking wine plus playing cards. There were a couple of times when both of us decided to go anywhere other than the lake, then one year both of us decided to go to stay at a beach apartment in Cocoa, FL. The beach apartment looked adore a motion picture star home. It had a tennis court in the backyard plus a small putting range. I do not know how our folks could afford the mansion. The place had seven home offices. The Cocoa, FL beach apartment had an A/C unit in every single room of the house. My sibling plus I had our own home office plus each a single of us had a separate thermostat to control the AC. The two of us stayed at the Cocoa, FL beach apartment for a whole week. I remember having a lot of fun that summer. I went to the beach every single day plus I made some friends that I have known for years. My family plus I have gone on a lot of memorable trips, but the trip to Cocoa, FL was absolutely a single of our all-time favorites.

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