I could use a new air conditioner

My wife and I have had the same A/C component in the residing room for the past 15 years, however it works well when it wants to, and that is becoming a real pain, then my daughter and her 2 youngsters came for a visit last summer time and they stayed in the residing room.

It was incredibly tepid and uncomfortable and they only stayed one day instead of 2.

I did not want the same concern happening again this year, so I decided to contact an A/C maintenance repair in Orland Park. I got an quote for the installation of a brand new A/C unit, however the Orland Park company proposed a ductless A/C component instead of a traditional window unit. The price tag was a lot higher, however the unit was more energy efficient with a longer lifetime, then after discussing the pros and cons with my wife, all of us decided to choose the ductless mini-split A/C unit, and every one of us selected a component that also includes heat, so all of us can use the equipment while I was in the summer time and the Winter weeks. The fact that the unit had the capability to heat and cool made it a much better investment for my home. The Orland Park summer time temperatures are only tepid a few days every year, however the cold temperatures are here for weeks. It will be nice to have a radiant oil furnace in the residing room next Winter when the outdoor temperatures are 10 degrees below zero… Last year there were a couple of days when all of us did not spend any time in the residing room, because it was just too cold. The room has constantly been a little drafty.



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