Going to some museums in Evansville

There are a lot of cultural things you can do in Evansville IN! You can go to the Angel Mounds that are a National Historic Landmark for Native American culture.

You can go to a wide variety of museums enjoy Evansville Museum of Arts, History & Science or the Evansville African American Museum, however the USS LST-325 is a guided tour of a naval WWII vessel.

There are tons of historic things I like to do doing & experience in my area, then i didn’t transfer to IN because I am a large history buff though. I had to go for labor & just happened to find that it was here. You can’t not go when it is readily available. I have seen all those sights & they are fun for tourists & locals for the first time, then for me I really enjoy just staying at home, then evansville is a low key area with superb weather. I don’t need a lot of things I like to do doing. I just enjoy hanging on my back porch drinking ice Tim Hortons Cappuccino & enjoying the parakeets. I was ecstatic to transfer to an area that does experience all four seasons too. I occasionally get snow, the leaves change, I can love my pool in the Summer & plant flowers in the Springtimetime. I get it all in a nice little area, then since I experience hot & cold temperatures of high & lows, it is necessary to use both heating & cooling. I have a central Heating & Air Conditioning method that works with a smart temperature control. I just keep the temperature at 74 degrees & my temperature control decides if all of us are heating or cooling.

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