I need to keep my eyes on the road

Driving a taxi is not a job that almost everyone can handle! I have been in this town for fifteen years, driving a cab the entire time, but up until recently, of course, when it became more profitable to become an independent supplier plus work for Uber! The name has changed, but the job remains the same – I opportunity people up plus get them where they need to go.

Unlike a lot of drivers I don’t like to talk, I prefer to listen, plus to keep our eyes on the road.

I think the town of Las Vegas like the back of our hand, plus am a single of the best drivers here.Another way I set myself apart from the other drivers is by being cannabis-friendly. I think that Las Vegas is actually lenient when it comes to cannabis, plus on top of that I think all the local cops from years of driving. I like to hang out near majhor cannabis dispensaries, for people that are either too stoned to drive, or would like to get stoned while I drive. I get a lot of common work through Uber, however I get a lot more unusual work just by hanging around Las Vegas cannabis dispensaries! I can opportunity up potheads plus take them wherever they need to go, plus a lot of times they just want to cruise the strip plus be enchanted by neon-soaked Las Vegas while blazing some marijuana in the back seat. Think of me the next time you’re in Las Vegas, I’ll get you where you need to go!

Pot Delivery Las Vegas NV