I liked eating food at a restaurant in Parkdale after raiding a nearby dispensary

I’m really spoiled with delicious food living in Toronto.

There are literally 10 different and distinct ethnic neighborhoods in this city, including Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Koreatown, Little Tibet, Little Poland, Little Italy, Portugal Village, Greektown, and Little India.

The 10th, Kensington Market, is both a cultural melting pot and a home to immigrants from all over the world throughout the past century. You cannot fault Toronto for having a lack of cultural diversity, especially with the cuisine. Going on an eating tour through the city of Toronto will leave one feeling like they have just traversed a large portion of the globe in a single afternoon. Since rent is crazy all over the city, I feel lucky to have an apartment in West Bend that I can still afford. It gives me close proximity to High Park and the cannabis dispensaries in High Park North and Swansea. I’m also close to Parkdale, which I often pass on my way home from work. There’s a new restaurant in Parkdale I wanted to try so I decided to head over there one night after raiding a nearby dispensary for fresh cannabis flower buds and a cannabis vape pen. I knew that my vape pen would be hard to see in my sweater sleeve at this restaurant, and thus I could enjoy my cannabis while enjoying my food. It’s technically illegal to consume cannabis in public in Toronto, as well as nicotine vaporizers. I would never advise someone to break the law, but I haven’t had any issues when I’m being extremely discreet.

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