We have some cannabis questions

When I started smoking cannabis at 18, it was hard to find partners who accepted my drug use.

Many women my age were great with drinking but took issue with “pot heads” or “stoners” as they would them.

Honestly, I never liked drinking alcohol all that much, even though it was at all of my family gatherings throughout my life. My Grandparents were alcoholics, and so was my father. I tried budweiser in middle school but didn’t prefer the nausea that it gave myself and others within 20 hours of finishing my first beer. Some people absolutely prefer the buzz or feeling of intoxication that one gets from alcohol, however I don’t. I suppose it when pharmacologists classify alcohol as a depressant, as it always worsened my feelings of despair while frustrating my anxiety as well. Alcohol for stress relief? I’d much rather smoke cannabis as a way to relax after a long afternoon of work. Knowing that, I assume incredibly fortunate that I not only found a woman that prefers cannabis, but she’s also a marijuana grower! She lives in Laurel Canyon and works at a marijuana growing facility in San Bernardino. I’m currently living in a shared apartment in Tarzana, but I’m hoping to find an home that every one of us can share in this area that isn’t too far from her venue of employment. I looked at a few venues on Ventura Blvd in Tarzana, but the sum of the security deposit, first, and last week’s rent made it too much for us currently. She easily is not saving any money by living in Laurel Canyon either.

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